EMS can be challenging. Being healthy in EMS doesn’t have to be!

Caring for the public comes naturally.

Saving a life is rewarding. So should your healthy ambitions!

We are public safety strong. Time to get stronger for yourself & family!

Current Challenges

Steps challenge

Get up and get moving is the name of this challenge!   Your fitness tracker is your path to success.

Keep your battery charged!

5/7 for 30: Gym Challenge

Checking into your local gym 5 out of 7 days for at least 30 minutes is your path to success!

Make sure your Vitality app is up to date and make sure you GPS check in!

Silver in 60

Who says lifestyle modification needs to be a marathon!  This challenge is a pure sprint for 60 days!

If you want to win this challenge, there is plenty of points to be gotten!

Got Gold Goal: 120

Only for your inner triathlete!  This challenge is achievable and the rewards match it’s intensity!

Achieving this challenge will certainly turn heads!  Are you ready to be a Champion?

Our Story

A day in the life of an EMS provider serves up multiple barriers!  Whether those barriers are financial, time away from the family or something else, maintaining a healthy living may very well be the highest barrier there is. Yes, i’d like to work out, but when? Yes, I’d like to pack a healthy lunch, but i’d rather catch up on my sleep.  Yes, I should eat healthy, but fast food is quicker and fits into my budget better.

Healthy EMS is there to serve the healthy living needs for those who serve the public!    It’s time to create an incentive program which rewards participants and recognizes both baby steps in the healthy lifestyle journey.

The Program

Discover a wellness program that works within YOUR schedule.

The Advantage

Use science to achieve measurable outcomes.

The Results

Healthy living is a journey, not a sprint.   Feeling better can be measured!

What’s involved?


The starting line

Every journey starts somewhere!   This journey starts by

1) Create an account on the Vitality webpage.   If your employer is sponsoring this wellness program, you’ll receive a specific link to launch.

2) Take a Health Risk Assessment:  establish your Vitality Age.  psst… best to be honest with yourself!

3) Explore the Vitality website to become familiar with all it’s options!

The Journey

1) Educate: What peeks your interest? Read and participate in the various blogs, articles, Vitality Squares and other educational material. psst….  everything is rewarding, the more you do, the more you’ll achieve!

2) Get active with a tracker!! Vitality integrates with many popular activity trackers like Applewatch, Fitbit, Garmin and others.

3) Challenge yourself, challenge others! Do you think you can kick butt by taking the most steps in a week? How about confidence you’ll visit the gym 5 days next week. Set up peer to peer challenges!

The Rewards

1) Do things; build your status and prestige!  By signing up you start at the Bronze level. Do more things and achieve up to Platinum status which has real value.

2) Activity = points; Points allow you to shop at the Vitality Mall. Convert points into real dollars redeemable at vendors like Amazon, Wholefoods, Nike, Fitbit and many many others.

3) Spend less on healthy foods when you flash your ID at the grocery store checkout!   Save up to 10% on healthy foods instantly.

Who can participate

Employer Sponsored Track

If your employer has adopted the Healthy EMS program, you will receive a personalized link to register.   Think of yourself as part of a team with your fellow employees.   This team will compete for prizes and rewards against other EMS teams across the country.   The incentive to participate is to

1) Get healthy for you and your family,

2) Achieve rewards as a member of your team

3) Life a healthy lifestyle which is less dependent on expensive medical and prescription needs.

Some employers will even provide health insurance cost sharing incentives for participants.   Consult with your HR department for clarification of your employer’s wellness incentive program.

Individual Track

You’re an EMS employee or volunteer and you see the value of living a healthy lifestyle. You’re welcomed to join the movement and take advantage of the rewards of being healthy. You may not receive all of the features and benefits of the Employer Sponsored Track, but we’re wiling to go above and beyond to reward you to

1) Participate in the Vitality Program sponsored by Healthy EMS.

2) Facilitate adoption of the Healthy EMS program at your organization.

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